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  • Marin Rift Zone 29er XC8 - 2014

    Look forward to fun all-day rides and fast endurance races with Marin's Rift Zone 29er XC8. The light aluminum frame and Quad 3 suspension with a Fox Float CTD rear… [more]

  • Marin Rift Zone 29er XC9 - 2014

    Whether it’s for short track, a marathon, or checking that 100-miler off your bucket list, Marin’s Rift Zone 29er XC9 fits the bill. The light aluminum frame and Quad 3… [more]

  • Marin Indian Fire Trail 27.5-inch - 2014

    Marin's Indian Fire Trail 27.5-inch hardtail is ready for epic days of singletrack fun. The stiff, light aluminum frame offers a balanced ride and a short wheelbase to… [more]

  • Marin Fairfax SC6 - 2014

    Marin’s Fairfax SC6 joins a lightweight ride with simple luxuries to make commuting a breeze. The SC6’s light aluminum frame with carbon fork quickly takes off when the… [more]

  • Felt Bicycles Edict Nine 60 - 2014

    Experience the thrill of cross country dominance with Felt's Edict Nine 60. This capable 29er rig will devour the fast and sometimes-steep terrain that taxes your lungs… [more]

  • Marin Nail Trail 29er - 2014

    When you show up at the trailhead with Marin's Nail Trail 29er, your buddies will be impressed, but they'll be groaning when you continually pass them on both the climbs… [more]

  • Marin Nail Trail 27.5-inch - 2014

    Craving fresh air and hero dirt? Marin’s Nail Trail 27.5-inch hardtail is sure to hit the spot. The light aluminum frame features a short wheelbase and tapered head… [more]

  • Felt Bicycles Edict Nine 50 - 2014

    You'll discover 50 ways to leave your buddies in the dust with Felt's XC-dominating Edict Nine 50. Felt's lightweight 7005-aluminum frame is agile and perfectly matched… [more]

  • Marin Team CXR 27.5-inch - 2014

    Rip through crisp leaves and revel in your speed as you course over hard pack and through loose corners on Marin's Team CXR 27.5-inch hardtail. This light carbon frame… [more]

  • Marin Palisades Trail - 2014
    Product Rating
    2.5 stars
     (2 Reviews)

    Mairn's Palisades Trail Deore lets you push your limits, whether that means more challenging terrain or longer rides. it's lightweight aluminum frame is complemented by… [more]

  • Trek Remedy 7 29 - 2014
    Product Rating
    4.5 stars
     (3 Reviews)

    The days of compromising between agility, travel, and speed are over, meet Trek's Remedy 7 29. The aluminum frame proudly boasts Trek's Full Floater and ABP suspension… [more]

  • Marin Fairfax SC5 - 2014

    Whether your goals are to finish that charity ride or save money on gas, the Fairfax SC5 is a perfect bike for you. The SC5’s carbon fork accompanies the aluminum frame… [more]

  • Marin Nail Trail 7.6 - 2015

    Craving fresh air and hero dirt? Marin’s Nail Trail 7.6 hardtail is sure to hit the spot. The light aluminum frame features a short wheelbase and tapered head tube, so… [more]

  • Marin Indian Fire Trail 29er - 2014

    Marin's Indian Fire Trail 29er is ready for epic days of singletrack fun. The stiff, light aluminum frame offers a balanced ride and a short wheelbase to easily navigate… [more]

  • Felt Bicycles Z85 - 2014
    Product Rating
    5.0 stars
     (13 Reviews)

    Felt's Z85 delivers epic road riding fun. Its lightweight butted-aluminum frame and vibration-damping carbon fork make riding efficient and enjoyable, while the smart… [more]

  • Felt Bicycles Z3 - 2014

    Felt's Z3 is just as capable around your favorite loop as it is in a European road race. Its high-modulus carbon frame and fork deliver a smooth ride and responsive… [more]

  • Marin Juniper Trail WFG - Women's - 2015

    Whether you're riding through pine-scented forests, over sage-covered mesas, or across sun-drenched valleys, you'll love Marin's Juniper Trail. The light aluminum frame… [more]

  • Felt Bicycles Virtue Nine 3 - 2014

    Lightweight carbon frame, check. Fast 29-inch wheels, check. Efficient suspension, check. Felt's Virtue Nine 3 checks all the boxes for a great all-mountain bike. It… [more]

  • Marin Mount Vision Alloy XM6 - 2014

    When you want the slacked-out geometry of an enduro bike as well as the low weight and high efficiency of a cross-country rig, it's time to make Marin's Mount Vision… [more]

  • Marin Mount Vision Alloy XM7 - 2014

    Marin's Mount Vision pairs the slack geometry and big-hit capabilities of an enduro bike with Prius-like efficiency, for a one-bike quiver that does it all. An aluminum… [more]




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